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 A lifelong resident of this beautiful State, I am proud to call it my home. Born into a large and loving family, I share my life with seven incredible siblings, creating a diverse tapestry of relationships that has shaped my values and perspectives. My parents, Luis and Jamie, along with stepparents Darren and Kelli, have played crucial roles in molding the person I am today. Devoutly Catholic, I find solace in attending mass every Sunday. 

Raised by a hardworking single mother, my personal journey fuels my dedication to positive change. I strive to be a voice for those in need, offering hope and opportunity to families across the state. Witnessing the social challenges in our schools today, motivates my commitment to securing parental rights.

With a passion for politics that ignited at the early age of five, I have been actively contributing to local campaigns since I was twelve. From supporting Lynn Afendoulis for Congress to the Garrett For Michigan campaign, my roles included diverse responsibilities such as commercial appearances, participation in parades and rallies, door knocking, campaign calls, yard sign distribution, as well as volunteer recruitment and training. Serving as a field representative, I successfully managed large volunteer teams.

My commitment to community service extends to volunteering for the Diocese of Grand Rapids and hosting community events such as the “Sound of Freedom” watch night, shedding light on critical issues such as human trafficking. Being an active participant in the well-being of our community is not just a responsibility but a deep-seated conviction.

These experiences have equipped me with the essential skills to effectively advocate for our community as well as strengthen my professional journey which is characterized by roles emphasizing leadership, problem-solving, and proficient communication. Whether actively participating in political campaigns or engaging in community volunteering, I have refined skills that position me as an asset in navigating challenges and fostering collaboration.


I am committed to working across party lines for the betterment of our district, state, and nation. As a voice for the future, I pledge to tirelessly work towards a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow. Together, let us build a Michigan we can all be proud of!

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